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 Satisfied Clients: 

Received my board that you repaired and installed it right away (thanks for the calibration instructions).  I ran it all night and my chlorine came up from zero to normal just fine.  Thank you for the wonderful job and for turning it around so soon...I admire the way you work.  I haven't had many experiences this pleasant since I left my little home town in 1968.

"Thanks Jeff! Works great, no problems.  Great Service!"

"Please accept my circuit board as a gift because I appreciate the work you did for me and I like the way you do business...Bill"

"Just installed the circuit board and it seems to be working fine.  I appreciate your speed and efficiency.  I would not hesitate to highly recommend your to anyone in need of your services...thank you for you great service....Blaine"

"Thank you.  It works great!...G""Thanks for your prompt service.  The website blogs were right about your service, very quick and efficient.  I will be sure to pass on your contact details to others...Michael"

"Jeff...thank you, job well done. Working 24 hours, I'm satisfied. Mentioned your repair service to XXXX (the place I buy supplies)Told them this of a great service to provide to their customers and theyshould reach out to you...Henry"

Welcome to JW Electronic Chlorine Generator Repair Service

Wake up and notice your pool is getting slightly greener?

Find your Aqua Rite electronic chlorine generator isn't working properly and/or has no indicator lights?

Has your warranty expired?

Did you call the manufacturer or local supplier and find replacement costs ranging from $185 to $1700?

We have a simple alternative that could save you hundreds to thousands of your hard earned money, while helping the environment by recycling your repairable control board.

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 Hayward, GoldLine, Aqua Rite & Mineral Springs PCB Main Printed Circuit Boards:


  P/N 066012, 132603 MAIN_COUNT Series Only

Do Not Send:

066008 Series